Using Apps Anywhere to connect to campus applications


What is Apps Anywhere?

AppsAnywhere is a program that allows you to access campus software from your personal computer without having the applications installed on your device.

*This application is shared with students, faculty, and staff, so please log off the application when you no longer need it. This will free up the resource for someone else.*


To access AppsAnywhere:

Visit this website: or go to our Information Technology Services page and click AppsAnywhere under quick access


1.      Log in with your StarID and Password

2.      A splash screen might appear saying welcome to Citrix Receiver​​​​​​

3.      To download the Citrix Receiver permanently, please click detect receiver and run the installer.

a. If you do not want to install the receiver, please click use light version. A new screen might display with a popup saying start tour. If you do not want to take the tour please click the X button

Two tabs should now be displayed: Citrix Receiver and Campus Desktop.

  1. If the campus desktop does not display please click Desktops (1) in Citrix Receiver and then click on Campus Desktop (2).
  2. If you get an error message when you try to open a session, this means that all resources are currently being used by other people. Please try to connect to Campus Desktop at a later time.

  • To log out within the Campus Desktop, click on the windows logo on the bottom left hand corner and select Log Off
  • To log out within the Citrix Receiver, go to the upper right hand corner click on your name and select Log Off. Once you have successfully logged off, close your browser. 

*Please make sure that you have logged out of all instances before closing your browser.*




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