Accounts for Faculty & Staff



How do new faculty and staff members get access to technology services (computers, email, etc.?) How can I get a Star ID?



After Faculty and Staff receive their SCSU Tech ID ( Employee ID) number from Human Resources, they can create a StarID.

  1. Start from StarID Homepage.
  2. Select "Activate my StarID" link.
  3. Select "I know my Tech ID (8 digit student ID)".
  4. Enter your personal tech ID on the page, and select your University, click "Continue".
  5. Answer the Security Questions on the next page, or you might be prompted to enter your Social Security Number.  Enter the necessary information and confirm the information inserted. Click "Continue".
  6. On the following screen enter a "New Password" and "Confirm New Password". StarID Password requirements are minimum 8 characters length, consisting of an uppercase, a lowercase, a number or a special character.
  7. Read the Acknowledgment of Data Stewardship Responsibilities paragraph (check box required).
  8. Click "Set Password".
  9. If you have issues with any of the steps above, please contact HuskyTech (320) 308-7000.

Please remember the password you created. The password is the primary credential to sign in to HuskyNet Services and StarID Homepage as well as your Office365 account to access email, word, excel, powerpoint, ect. StarID's are being employed for many SCSU logins, on and off campus.  It is the users responsibility to remember and secure StarID credentials.




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