How to Install & Configure TeamQ call center solution


How to install and configure TeamQ on a Windows Computer


  1. Type 'software center' in the Windows search box and hit 'Enter'. You can also open Software Center by going to Start > Microsoft Endpoint Manager > Software Center.
  2. Find AVST Team Q Client... in the application window and click on it.
  3. Click 'Install'. 
  4. Open 'TeamQ Desktop Client'.
  5. Click 'File' > 'Settings'.
  6. Go to 'Connections'.



  1. Put in the following information for the fields:

CX Server Connection

TeamQ Database Connection

  • Server Name:\SQLEXPRESS
  • User Name: teamq_script

Note: customer computers may still be configured to use the IP address This will work while on campus, but is no longer recommended for the server name.

  1. Press 'OK'.




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