How to Access and Navigate AppsAnywhere


AppsAnywhere is a SCSU cloud-based service provided by Citrix Workspace. This service allows students, faculty, and staff the ability to access SCSU desktops and applications within a virtual environment from anywhere with an internet connection.

***Access to your SCSU email and installation of the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app (or other authenticator app) are required to access AppsAnywhere. Instructions for installing the Microsoft Authenticator application are available for iPhone and Android devices. The instructions below reference only the Microsoft Authenticator app. 



  1. To access AppsAnywhere/Citrix Workspace, login to

  2. If you've already registered Citrix for a one-time password code with your Authenticator app, skip to Step 8. Otherwise, select "Don't have a token?"
    Login with red box highlighting "Don't have a token?"

  3. Type “stcloudstate\” with your StarID. Your username should look like “stcloudstate\ab1234cd”. Click Next.Token registration screen with sample username stcloudstate\ab1234cd.

  4. Check your school email for the confirmation email from Citrix. Enter the verification code from the email and the password for your StarID and click Next.
    Note: This verification code is temporary and is only used once to register the device.
    Verification code screenshot.

  5. Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device, select Add account from the Customize and control icon in the upper right, and then select Other account (Google, Facebook, etc.).

            On your phone:

           Authenticator Add Button


        Authenticator Add Account Screenshot

    6. Scan the QR code to complete the addition of the Citrix account and click Finish and Sign In on the Citrix Workspace webpage.

      Red box highlighting QR code



    7. Type “stcloudstate\” with your StarID. Your username should look like “stcloudstate\ab1234cd” and enter your password and one-time password code from your Authenticator app.

     On your phone:

      Authenticator one-time password code screenshot

     On the device: 




    8.  Once logged in, click on “Use web browser” :



          If you see the screen below you’ve successfully logged in:




    9.  Click on “Apps Anywhere Desktop”. This will open a Windows 10 style desktop in the browser.



   10.  To access all your applications, click on the Windows Icon at the bottom left of your screen: