Self-Enrolling Into Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365


Office 365 is St. Cloud State's email and storage solution for all students and employees providing anytime, anywhere access to email, documents, contacts and calendar. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) requires more than one method of verifying your identity to confirm that it is really you logging into your SCSU email/Office 365 account. This protects you and our SCSU community by preventing cybercriminals from accessing your account. Multi-factor authentication for your SCSU email/Office 365 account will confirm your identity by verifying something you know (your username & password) and something you have (a trusted device – such as a mobile phone).

To help protect yourself and the University, you are encouraged to set multi-factor authentication up for your account.

More information about Office 365 multi-factor authentication can be found on the SCSU website:


  1. Identify which devices/verification methods you will use for your multi-factor authentication, and keep those devices nearby so you can authenticate as needed. 
  2. Make sure your device's software is up to date
  3. Navigate to and log in, if needed, using the credentials listed below:  
    • Students use your and StarID password; faculty/staff use your and StarID password 
  4. You should be prompted with a screen that includes preparation instructions and a blue button that says "Enable Multi Factor Authentication" (pictured below). Click the blue "Enable Multi Factor Authentication" button. 



4. You should be automatically brought to a page that says "Your account is now enabled for MFA". Once you reach this page, navigate to, which will initiate the MFA Setup Wizard. Complete the steps outlined below as prompted by the MFA Setup Wizard. If you have any issues with the MFA Setup Wizard, please contact HuskyTech


Step 1 of the MFA Setup Wizard will ask “How should we contact you?”


Click on the drop-down list that says “Authentication phone.”  You have three (3) main ways of setting up MFA, “Authentication phone,” “Office phone,” or “Mobile app.”  Select which method you prefer to initially use MFA.