Can I practice using Workday before it goes live?


Can I practice using Workday before it goes live on July 1, 2024?


Minnesota State has announced the availability of the Workday User Practice Tenant, a space where employees can practice navigating Workday to become familiar with certain functions, features and applications.

This practice tenant allows you to complete foundational processes in Workday that align with the Workday training all employees were assigned to complete.

Recommended tasks for employees to practice include: 

  • Checking notifications
  • Reviewing "My Tasks"
  • Viewing your Employee Profile and verifying job details
  • Familiarizing yourself with the search tool/searching for reports (e.g. Find Workers) 
  • Submitting time off requests
  • Filling out a timesheet
  • Viewing personal information
  • Requesting a schedule change
  • Accessing delegations

Recommended tasks for supervisors to also practice include: 

  • Reviewing your team's org chart and direct reports (please note the information may be outdated) 
  • Creating a custom schedule for an employee 
  • Submitting a timesheet on behalf of an employee
  • Managing delegations

Things to be aware of:

  • This is a practice environment, so you won’t be able to run every step of every process.
  • You may notice data inconsistencies, such as missing recently hired employees and inaccurate security roles.
  • Any changes you make to data or personal information will not carry over to Go-Live.
  • Workday support for users is unavailable in the User Practice Tenant. Workday support will be available after Go-Live. You may reach out to to report issues, questions or concerns.
  • The Workday User Practice Tenant is available now through June 28. Upon Go-Live on July 1, a new link will be sent out for the production (not practice) tenant of Workday.

Workday User Practice Tenant access information is available on Friends of NextGen.

Contact for any questions, issues or feedback about the Workday User Practice Tenant.

Note: Employees who were hired on or after March 21, 2024, may not have access to the Workday User Practice Tenant; current positions of employees who changed jobs on or after that date may also not be reflected in the Practice Tenant.



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