Konica Minolta - Changing Default Grayscale Settings


Change print setting to greyscale





Notice: To all users near Konica Minolta printers at SCSU. The driver upgrades to SCSUPrint and SCSUPrint2 servers in March  2018 revealed that the default setting of "print in grayscale" is now done by each individual on their computer.

This is for Windows Machines ONLY




  1. Open the "Devices and Printers" page by navigating through the control panel or use the search on the start menu by typing in "Devices and Printers" to open up the panel.
  2. Find your Konica printer, right click on the picture of the device, and choose "Printing preferences"
  1. Begin by choosing to print within an individual document, then select "Printer Properties" within the print dialogue, and then change "Select Color" to match your desired output
  2. Under "My Tab" scroll down until you see "Select Color" in the right column. Change "Auto Color" to "Gray Scale" and click "OK" to save and close the settings Window


Note: Clicking the "Default" button WILL NOT make your changes the default setting. Rather, it will change the default settings back to "Auto Color". To change favorite setting see the  How to make a custom favorite setting article.






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