Reporting an internship in Handshake


Instructions on reporting your internship experience in Handshake



I was told to report my internship in Handshake. How do I do that?


Note: Completing this form within Handshake does not register you for the class. Your department provides information on how to register through e-services.
  • Log in to Handshake.
  • In the left navigation, click on Career Center and then Experiences.
  • Click on Request an Experience.
  • In Experience Type, select your major or program internship experience.
  • Select Term from the dropdown menu for which semester you are completing this internship.
  • ALL fields must be completed for the internship experience to be approved.
  • BEFORE YOU CLICK REQUEST EXPERIENCE: Review the information. You will have limited access to edit your submission.
  • After you click submit, you can upload your offer letter or other required documents by clicking on New Attachment in the left navigation.
You will need these to complete your internship experience record:
  • Your site supervisor's contact information and job title.
  • Description of your internship duties and responsibilities.
  • Start and end dates of your internship.
  • Wage information (if reporting a paid internship).
  • Offer letter or additional documentation if required by the department.
For more questions, please contact the Experiential and Learning Outreach Director in your college or school.



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