Steps to Apply for my Federal Loan


What to do to apply for my federal loan



Steps to apply for my federal loan 


  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 
  2. Once you have a complete financial aid file and have received your financial aid notification via email, log in to your student e-Services 
  3. Under the “Financial Aid” link in your student e-Services  
    1. review and respond to your award notification and then,  
    2. select “Loans” 
  4. Follow the steps to accept the loan for the 
    • loan period (e.g., fall/spring) or one term, AND  
    • amount of loan you want (e.g., full or reduced amount) 
  5. Review the loan requirements
  6. Check the box that you have read and understand the requirements and then click the “Submit” button


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