How to request a Shared Mailbox


Request a shared mailbox (SCSU email account that can be used by multiple people).



  • A shared mailbox could be used for a Department, a University function or a University Group.
  • Shared mailboxes can also be used to provide a common calendar, allowing multiple users to schedule and view appointments.
  • Shared email accounts are owned by the department or organization and require approval from the employee responsible for the mailbox and require supervisor approval.
  • Supervisors can submit a request for a new shared mailbox via the service request page.
  • After the mailbox is created, it will show up in the requester's mailbox, usually within 4 hours.


  • Access is granted on the server end which is secure and does not require the need for additional user names and passwords to be shared.
  • Looks professional and can be used on brochures, web pages, letterhead, etc.
  • It allows those who are unfamiliar with the staff and faculty within a department to get in contact via email.
  • Messages in the shared account are available year after year, which eases transition issues as staffing changes occur.
  • Messages can be answered in a timely manner because multiple individuals will have access to the account.


  • A department supervisor manages permission to most network folders including shared mailbox permissions (adding/removing users) via the SCSU Group Management application.
  • Available to faculty, staff, and current student organizations.





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