Software Purchasing guidelines for campus



When purchasing software for University use, there are specific guidelines that all faculty and staff must be aware of before obtaining the software.  Both SCSU and Minnesota State have purchasing policies and guidelines in place to protect the University and the potential purchaser.


Why does software need to be reviewed? Minnesota State Colleges and Universities is required to follow the purchasing requirements as defined in Minnesota State Statute and Policy. The ITS department supports campus Business Services & Legal review to ensure purchase and/or usage agreements meet the obligations set forth by SCSU and Minnesota State policies. Many factors are considered with a purchase or no-cost request including Terms & Conditions (T&Cs), accessibility, security, data compliance, and system integration. 

Where can I find the SCSU Business Services Purchasing policies? (Purchasing of Information Technology (IT) - computers, A/V, phones, software, etc.)

Where can I find Minn State Purchasing guidelines?

What can be done prior to help with the request? 

  • Provide the name of the software and the company name
  • Provide a link to the specific software and pricing
  • Describe the use; individual, lab, or classroom
  • Provide an electronic copy or link to the Terms and Conditions 

Do I need to follow the same process for "free" software?  Yes, no-cost software still includes, Terms & Conditions (T&Cs), accessibility, security, data compliance, and system integration that require review.





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