How to Resize Images in PowerPoint, Paint, and Word


The document provides instructions on how to resize images using different Microsoft applications PowerPoint, Paint, and Word.



The document provides instructions on how to resize images using different Microsoft applications PowerPoint, Paint, and Word. 

Resize Photos in PowerPoint 

  1. Open image in PowerPoint. 

  1. Right click on image and select Format Picture. 

  1. Go to Size and adjust the Height and Width. 

PowerPoint Format picture menu with size icon circled

Resize Photos in Paint 

If you prefer not to install any external applications, use Paint for image resizing. Access the Paint app from the search bar. Type in Paint and open the app.  

Paint initial access page

  1. Start by accessing the File menu located at the top-left corner of the Paint interface. 

  1. From the available commands, choose "Open". 

Paint File selection menu circled

  1. Locate and select the image you wish to resize and click the "Open" button. 

Paint selection

  1. Once the image is open, navigate to the Home tab on the Paint toolbar. 

  1. Look for the "Resize" button and click on it. 

Paint resize feature circled

  1. Within the resize options, you can either select a specific percentage or enter the desired dimensions. 

  1. After specifying the resizing parameters, click the "OK" button to apply the changes. 

Paint resize and share menu

Note: Paint provides the choice to resize images either by percentage or by pixels. The default option is percentage, which is suitable for approximate resizing. However, if you require precise dimensions, you will have to switch to using pixels. When you enter a value for either horizontal or vertical dimension, Paint automatically generates the corresponding value to preserve the original image's proportions. 

Resize Photos in Word  

Resize to an exact height and width 

  1. Click the picture, shape, text box, or WordArt that you want to resize. 

  1. Go to Picture Tools. 

  1. Clear the Lock aspect ratio check box.  

  1. Enter the measurements that you want into the Height and Width boxes. 

Word pictures tab with height and width circled

TIPS when resizing images in WORD:

1. If you do not see the Picture Tools, make sure that you select a picture. You might have to double-click the picture to open the Format tab. 

2. For Bulk Edit (select multiple objects to resize) click the first object, press and hold CTRL while you click the other objects. With all items selected, from the Size group, enter the dimensions that you want in the Height and Width boxes. 

3. Students who use Apple products need to convert a PAGES document into a PDF or WORD document before submitting it to D2L. 


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