Backups at HuskyTech


HusckyTech offers data backup as a service, what is backed up and how large the backup is are considerations.




HuskyTech offers the option of helping you back up critical data, whether as part of servicing a device or as a step to reduce the chance of unrecoverable lost or corrupted data. HuskyTech is here to help. Data Backup is situation-specific, but the following general guidelines should apply to most situations.


What Is Backed Up:

  • Photos
  • Music 
  • Videos
  • Personal Documents (Including Homework)
  • Downloaded Files
  • Desktop Items

What Isn't Backed Up:

  • Application Data
  • Programs
  • Browser Data
    • Passwords
    • Browser Cookies
  • Drivers
  • Printers
  • Settings
    • Wifi Credentials
  • Data Already Stored in The Cloud
  • Video Game Saves

Backup Storage Options

Backups vary in size significantly, consult the HuskyTech representative you are working with about what storage solution would work best for your quantity of data.

You can also pick and choose the data you want to back up if size is a consideration.

Options include:

  • Hard Drives

  • Flash Drives

  • SD Card



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