Digital Signage Request


  • Digital Signage at St. Cloud State University is a system that replaces traditional signs with electronic signs such as LCD or plasma panels located on and off-campus.
  • Content can range from campus-related information, announcements, entertainment, to upcoming events.

Guidelines and best practices on content

  • Make posting requests at least one week in advance. Please plan accordingly.
  • Advertised events must be open to all of the SCSU community.
  • Content must be directed to the St. Cloud State University community and have a named campus sponsor.
  • Due to space/time limitations, messages promoting weekly or monthly meetings are not permitted.
  • One slide per event or notification displayed at a time.
  • Messages promoting events at bars or promoting alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
  • The system is not a storage area; remove all files and links after the end date.
  • Audio, video or animation is not available.


  • Use a minimum of text/information as the slide is displayed for 10-15 seconds. Include only brief pertinent information: what, when, where, admission cost, sponsor, etc.
  • Signage design must be:
    • Proportions of 16 x 9 (widescreen)
    • LANDSCAPE orientation
    • JPG, PNG or GIF file types can be uploaded to Image Catalog to be used as visual assets when creating slides (logos, graphics, photos) or for slides created in applications outside of RealEyes.
    • Include sponsoring department logotype
    • Follow St. Cloud State University Brand Guidelines.
    • Name the slides with reference to the university department and the end date for when the slide should no longer to be displayed. Example: “honors-promotion-10may2017”.


  • It allows for targeted programming in various locations to various audiences.
  • Content can be scheduled and quickly updated.



  • Available to faculty and staff

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