Request a temporary loaner laptop or technology equipment checkout


  • St Cloud State University along with Information Technology Services is working to ensure that all students have access to the technology they need to learn remotely. We are also assisting faculty and staff with temporary equipment to assist with teaching or working remotely. 
  • Based on availability, current students may be able to check out devices or technology equipment during Fall Session 2022 at no cost. 
  • Current students who have a need for a loaner laptop may be able to borrow a laptop. Faculty and staff should work with their supervisor if a loaner laptop is needed.
  • CoELD iPads are reserved for students in an Education program. The request must be approved by the CoELD Dean's office.
  • Once a request is submitted, we will contact you and let you know if your request can be fulfilled. We will also make arrangements for pickup or delivery at that time.
  • Information Technology Services will try its best to accommodate the needs of students, but there is a limited supply of devices available.


  • Students can borrow a laptop or other equipment provided by SCSU to complete their coursework at St. Cloud State University during the current semester. There is no cost for this rental program if the devices is returned on time and if the device does not have physical damage. Devices available may include a microphone, web cam, headset, conference room speaker, or a headset. 
  • Current faculty and staff may be eligible to borrow a microphone, web cam, headset, wireless access point, conference room speaker, or headset. 


  • You acknowledge that you are responsible for the care and maintenance of equipment checked out to you. In exchange for your opportunity to use this equipment, you agree to use it appropriately and protect it from damage. You agree to pay for all damages beyond normal wear and tear caused by negligence or mistreatment of the equipment while in your possession. Failure to return university-owned equipment by the end of the semester or by other stated deadline, whichever is sooner, will result in the device[s] being considered lost or stolen, at which time you will receive notice of necessary fees.
  • Requests are considered and approved based on your need and availability of a device.
  • If you are approved to receive a device and the device is immediately available, one will be reserved for you. 
  • If that device is not checked out within 7 days after being reserved for you, your reservation will be canceled and the device will become available to the next eligible recipient.
  • If you are approved to receive a device and that device is not immediately available, you will be placed on a "first come first served" waiting list until that device becomes available. To remain on the waiting list, you must affirm your waiting place by following instructions in automatic emails. If more than 14 days lapses between your responses, you will be removed from the waiting list.
  • You will be sent emailed reminders to your St. Cloud State University email account. You will not receive phone call reminders about the loaner equipment.


  • Available to students enrolled in classes at St. Cloud State University for the current semester
  • Current students must demonstrate a need for the device meeting the following criteria
    • The requested device is required to complete coursework at St. Cloud State University for the current semester
    • The student has no such device of their own
    • The student is unable to access the resources available on campus in classrooms and general access labs
  • Most devices are available to current faculty and staff. The laptops are reserved for current students.
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