Financial Aid and Federal Loans in Summer


Summer is considered a trailer for the financial aid year. If you have a FAFSA on file for fall and spring semesters, your summer aid is determined based on a variety of factors such as your FAFSA results, summer enrollment level, aid received in fall/spring, and aggregate financial aid you have received. 


Is there financial aid in the summer if I used up my federal loans in the academic year? 


If you borrowed your annual maximum for the federal Direct Loan for your grade level in fall/spring semesters, you are not eligible for additional federal Direct Loan in summer. Unless you changed grade level (FR to SO or SO to JR) after spring semester then you may have additional loan eligibility. See Loan Limits.  

In addition to loans, if you are eligible for the federal Pell Grant or Minnesota State Grant, you may have eligibility for summer depending on your enrollment level and if you have not reached the aggregate maximums for these programs. 

Private loans and payment plans with SCSU are also options to consider if you don't have any grant or federal loan eligibility.  


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