Service Catalog

Categories (9)

Get Help/Report an Issue

Get technology assistance and answers through our searchable FAQ database, report a technology issue with software, wifi, devices, etc., or request information from HuskyTech/Information Technology Services.

Accounts and Access

Request access to IT-hosted services, systems or data; or get assistance with access issues or questions.

Business Applications, Data and Reporting Services

Request data integrations or web/software usage analytics.

Computer and Device Support

Get the technology you need to teach, learn and work at SCSU.

Email and Storage

Request email distribution groups or changes, or shared mailboxes/supplemental accounts.

Projects, Enhancements and Automation

Request a project (new software/technologies) or change to software/technologies already in use on campus; or request the creation of electronic forms, workflows, reports and/or business process improvement through digitalization.

Software, Web and Media Services

Request assistance with graphic design and multimedia. Includes web content authoring, modification requests, and more.

Teaching and Learning

Request assistance with course design, the enterprise Learning Management System (D2L Brightspace) or captioning.

Wi-Fi and Networking

Request assistance with Wi-Fi or Networking while on SCSU's campus.