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Let University Communications know that you are interested in serving as a subject matter expert for discussions with the media

Request an appointment for IT assistance in setting up your work computer. This includes scheduling time for assistance moving technology, getting technology setup at your campus workstation or other general technical support for state-owned equipment. Please schedule the appointment with a minimum of a 4 hours’ notice before you arrive on campus.

Ask about the resources available to faculty and students to prepare for online education

Request the installation of software to be used on a University-owned device. For your convenience, faculty and staff can easily download and manage many software applications through a software management system already available on your University-owned computers (Software Center for Windows, and SCSU Self-Service for Mac computers).

Request a guest login be created for a seminar, training or other event with non-SCSU faculty, staff or student presenters, or attendees requiring credentials to use on campus technology. As an alternative, SCSU Public Wi-Fi is available.

Customers who do not have a StarID, or who cannot sign into services using their StarID, can use this form to request information or report a technology issue.

Subscribe or unsubscribe to SCSU-Announce or SCSU-Discuss lists at your convenience. Instructions are available at

Initiate a request to obtain software using University funds and/or to be used on University-owned devices. This includes free software that will be used on University-owned devices. Include software request process information.

For account management related to your StarID, including StarID activation and password changes, please visit Minnesota State's StarID website

If you are unable to sign into the StarID portal, contact the Minnesota State IT Service Desk at (877) 466-6728 or to generate a validation code for you to get you back into your account. You can also contact HuskyTech at

Captions help students who are hard of hearing, improve comprehension for English Language Learners and those with cognitive challenges, and support viewing in sound-sensitive environments.  To request captions for instructional materials for fall semester 2020 or spring semester 2021, please fill out the online captioning request form ( or contact for more information.

Request graphic design for courses, publications, presentations, poster sessions or electronic presentations.

Request a new group email distribution list that pulls from a data source (e.g. ISRS), or a change to an existing list.

Schedule a walk-through of the equipment with one of our Media Service technicians before your class or event to ensure you are comfortable with the technology that is offered in the room.

We want to hear from you! Let us know how we're doing - what are we doing well, and what can do to improve IT services at SCSU?

Request a supplemental account (includes department files space and Wi-Fi capabilities that can be used by multiple people).