Software Installation Request for University-owned devices


  • Request the installation of software to be used on a University-owned device.
  • Faculty and staff can easily download and manage many software applications through a software management system already available on your University-owned computers
  • Software Center is available for Windows computers. SCSU Self-Service is available for Mac computers.
  • Software that is not available in one of our self-service applications will need to be installed by a technician. 
  • If a software license or subscription is required, the software request will need to be approved by IT Procurement. 



Software installation via Software Center or SCSU Self-Service is configured so it can be easily installed on state-owned computers without the need of an administrator or a technician.


For information related to the software request and approval process, or software exceptions, please visit .



  • Available to faculty and staff
  • Software legal agreement reviews are intended to protect our University and campus community and must be done for all software requests, including free software and software upgrades. It is necessary for St. Cloud State University to remain in compliance with Board Policies such as 5.14.5 (Purchasing) and 5.14 (Contracts and Procurements) and provide a level of risk aversion for events such as data breaches.
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