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Periodically you will need to upgrade your Windows Operating System to the most current version. Upgrading essentially fixes/patches known critical bugs and vulnerabilities, adds new windows features and support for additional devices updated or additional device drivers.




Computers running earlier versions of Windows 10 should be updated to the latest version that is available.  These updates will usually take between 90-120 minutes. Please allocate time accordingly.

Make sure that your data is not saved on the computer prior to the upgrade.  We have not seen data loss at this time, but it is advisable to work with the customer to move all local data to a network server or into OneDrive for Business.

1.      Close all applications before you begin the software upgrade.

2.      Click on the Start Menu and browse the list of programs to Microsoft System Center.

3.      Click on Software Center.

4.      In Software Center, click on Operating Systems.

5.      Select the update, then click Install.

6.      You will be asked to confirm the operating system upgrade. The upgrade automatically migrates apps, data and settings. Click Install.

7.      Wait 2-5 minutes to ensure software is updating. We recommend not working on the computer.  

8.      Go to the Start menu and sign out of the computer. The upgrade will continue. This phase will take up to 90 minutes and the computer will restart automatically.

9.      When the upgrade has completed, you will see the screen to sign into the computer.


Selecting a Date & Time to Upgrade

ITS is now providing the opportunity for faculty & staff to select a date and time to install the next critical Windows update to their computer.

You have 3 options for this update:

  • Immediately start the installation, “Right now”.
  • Update “Outside my Business Hours”
  • Delay the installation, “Snooze and remind me”.

·                     The following message will pop up on your computer within the next 2 weeks.


If you do not want your computer unavailable during business hours, please update your computer before the deadline identified in the message that you receive.

Important information to help you make your decision:

  • This update typically takes 90-120 minutes, but may take longer.  
  • Your computer will automatically restart a couple of times while it is updating.
  • The update deadlines are not the same for every computer. The deadline is in the first sentence of the message.
  • You may only delay the installation until 12 p.m. (noon) on your deadline.  If you have not installed the upgrade before the deadline, it will be automatically upgraded at that time.
  • We highly encourage you to start the software update at the end of your business day, over lunch, while you go to class, etc.
  • To confirm if your computer has update installed, please right click on the start menu and select System.


Additional notes

  • If you do not see any upgrades listed in the Operating Systems window, your computer is not eligible for an in-place upgrade. Please email your campus or college technician if you have questions.
  • If you get the following error, your computer may not have enough free disk space on the internal hard drive. A minimum or 24 GB free space is recommended. Please contact your campus or college technician for assistance.


  • If you do not have the option to install the software, please contact your college or campus technician or call (320) 308-7000, press 2, then press 5 for state-owned computers & printers.
  • To confirm that the install was successful, right click on the Start menu and select System.
  • Windows specifications should show the latest version.


Windows specifications should show the latest version. The most recent Windows 10 Enterprise version that we use on campus is 22H2.



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