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Pinned Article HuskyTech Transition in Fall 2023/Spring 2024

Detailed information and FAQs regarding the transition of HuskyTech's support center to an innovation hub that began in Fall Semester 2023.

Pinned Article Installing software applications or updates using Software Center

How to install software or updates to my office computer's applications

Backups at HuskyTech

HusckyTech offers data backup as a service, what is backed up and how large the backup is are considerations.

Bit Locker Recovery

If your machine asking you for a  "Bit Locker Recovery Key?" how to fix

Bringing a Personal Computer into Residence Halls

Can I bring a personal computer on to campus

Cloud-connected computers

Cloud-connected (Entra ID) computers provide a seamless sign-on experience to services like Microsoft 365, Zoom, and Adobe. Computers will not be joined to the domain.

Updating Windows 10 to a Newer Version

How to update your Windows 10 computer to a newer version

Campus Phone Support

Making a request for campus phone support

Changing Default Browser or Email Client in MacOS

How to change default browser or email on MacOS

Fixing Personal Computers

What to do if you need your personal computer fixed.

Headphones for Lab Computers

Information on headphone access for Lab Computers

How can I Pin an Application to the Taskbar or Desktop

How to pin an application to the taskbar or desktop on Windows 10

How do I Log Off/Sign Out of Windows 10

Step-by-Step logging out of Windows 10

How to Customize my Experience in Windows 10

How to mix up your Windows 10 experience

How to Search for a Program or File in Windows 10

How to search for a program or file on Windows 10

Keyboard & Mouse Sanitation

Guide for sanitizing Keyboard and Mouse products

Linking your Android device to your Windows PC

How to link your Android device to your Windows 10 PC.

Logging Off a Lab Computer

Step-by-Step instructions for logging off of lab computers

Mac Video Import

How to import video from a digital camera rental to your Mac Computer

Student Guide to Computer Sanitation for your Personal Computer

How to properly sanitize your personal devices

Technology Policies & Guidelines

What are SCSU's technology policies/guidelines?

Upgrade Windows 10 in Software Center

How to upgrade your Windows 10 computer

Windows 10 FAQ

Frequently asked questions for Windows 10

Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts

Guide to Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts