Student Guide to Computer Sanitation for your Personal Computer



What are the proper chemicals and techniques used to effectively sanitize my personal computer?



Computer Cleaning Products

Note: All of these products listed below can be purchased from your local 'big box' stores (Walmart, Target, Menards, etc...) as well as Amazon.

  1. 70% Isopropyl Alcohol 
    • This product is primarily used for keyboards & mice. Occasionally this will be used on sticky residue leftover from tape or adhesive products.
  2. Multi-Purpose Screen Cleaner
    • Just as it states. To be used for the computer display (monitor or touch screen) ONLY.
  3. Microfiber Rags
    • When cleaning the computer display screen, ONLY use these rags. These rags also work very effectively on keyboards and mice.
  4. Rubber Gloves
    • It's always good to have a couple sets.
  5. Face Mask
    • Not much to be said here. Wear one!

Cleaning your Personal Computer

  1. Put gloves on!
  2. Spray rubbing alcohol on your microfiber rag. Don’t spray it directly on the computer as this might damage it. 
  3. Use this rag to thoroughly wipe down the keyboard and mouse/trackpad and also the screen if you have a touchscreen device. If you are cleaning a laptop, wipe down the entire surface of the device with this rag, including edges of the device and the bezel where the keyboard and screen meet. You may need to apply more alcohol to the rag as it will evaporate quickly.
  4. Spray the screen cleaner on a different microfiber rag (not directly on the screen) and clean the screen. Make sure to get the corners really good and wipe until you don't see any streaks.




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