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What Minnstate considers Confidential, Protected Private or Public data
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Differences between Shared Mailboxes and Supplemental Accounts
How to log in to the library from off campus and how to troubleshoot log in problems.
How to change your default address book
Follow these steps to configure the Outlook 2016 application on a Windows computer. This will allow you to view the shared mailbox and your employee or student employee mailbox.
How to find your StarID
How to activate your starID without a Social Security Number
How to change the password for supplemental accounts
What to do if your email has been blocked and you're outside the United States
StarID Accounts get locked if there are three or more incorrect login attempts using your Star ID and password
The email address on my Star ID account is wrong
How to change the owner of a supplemental account
Having issues resetting your supplemental account password?