Shared Mailbox vs Supplemental Account


What is the difference between a shared mailbox and a supplemental account now after the O365 migration that took place? 



A supplemental account is used for computer login and accessing department files.

  • New accounts set up since August 2019 will log into the computer using "SCSU-Accountname". Prior to August 2019, log in using "Accountname".
  • Use Supplemental Account maintenance to reset the computer login password or display the name of the login account only.

A shared mailbox is a special type of mailbox that grants a group of users the ability to send and receive email from a common email address like When a person in the group replies to a message sent to a shared mailbox, the email appears to be from the shared mailbox, not from the person.

  • Shared mailboxes include shared calendars. Department offices can use shared calendars as a commonplace to share appointments or event information.
  • Use the Group Management tool to manage access to a shared mailbox.

Supplemental Account vs. Shared Mailbox

Item Used for Info Maintenance Notes
Computer login and
department files if
* New accounts set up
since August 2019 will
log into computers using
* Prior to August 2019,
log in using "accountname".
Use supplemental maintenance
to reset computer login
password or
display name of
login account.
Password and display
name is NOT
attached to email
account set up.
Email for
supplemental account.
Email-only Use group management
tool to manage access
for email.
Access shared mailbox
by your StarID/password.
Automatically tied to
your email in another
folder in Outlook when
you become a member.
ID for authenticating in to → Computer (includes access to network folders and network printers) ISRS ImageNow Adobe Zoom Office 365, including Employee email Shared mailbox via Office365 Outlook
Employees StarID StarID SSO, MinnState, then StarID
Graduate Assistants & Student Employees Supplemental Account StarID StarID SSO, MinnState, then StarID Sign in to the employee mailbox, then open the shared mailbox.

Configure Outlook profile using
Do not enter a password until you are on the Microsoft authentication screen.

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