How to share a mailbox/dept files for a department or organization


To access the Group Management Tool & Self-Service Portal:

You must be on campus or using resources such as an Access point or VPN to log in using your StarID

  • Please give the tool some time to load after logging in
  • NOTE: It may take 2 to 4 hours for the shared mailbox to show up on your web after adding it to the group management list. 
  • If you receive the 403 forbidden error message, ensure there is no special character at the end of your password. 
    • These characters we have found will NOT work
      • # !

* You may be the "owner" of a mailbox but it does not mean you are a member. You may need to add yourself as a member. See the steps below on how to do so. You can NOT share ownership of the mailbox. If you want to give someone else ownership please email with those details.*


How do I add members to a shared mailbox I own or department files I am in charge of?


To modify members of your group (add or remove users):

  1. Click 'My AD Groups' under Self-Service
  2. Use the Search box to find your group
  • You must Click 'Search' to see all groups or none of your groups will show up.
    • You can leave the field blank to search for all groups.
  • If you want to narrow down your list and only search for one account
    • Enter the search term (group name) then click 'Search' to filter.  (This search takes a long time)
  1. Click the check mark by the left of the name of the Group you want to select (as shown in Step 1 below)
  2. Under the 'Actions' column on the right, Click 'Membership' (as shown in Step 2 above)
  3. To add a user:
  • In the Find field ( as shown in Step 1 below) 
  • You can enter any of the following:
  • StarID, email address, supplemental account or name.
  • Click 'Add
  • If multiple matches, click 'checkmark' next to the user.
  • Click 'Select'.
  • Click 'Update' (as shown in Step 3 below)
  1. To remove a user:
  • Click 'checkmark' next to the user to select them ( as shown in step 1 below)
  • Click the 'Remove' members button ( as shown in step 2 below)
  • Click 'Update'. ( as shown in step 3 below)

** If you see an email format of or these are valid alias email addresses. You can select these and your user will be added to the mailbox**

When you add someone to a mailbox:

Please give the system 24 hours to auto-map in the Outlook application. If they still do not see the shared mailbox in your Outlook, please contact HuskyTech. 

If you get a message that says 'Connection is not secure' the first time you try to log in, follow the steps below: 

  1. Click 'Advanced'.
  2. Click 'Add Exception'.
  3. Click 'Confirm Security Exception.
  4. Click 'Resend'.


Check the status of this service by going to IT Systems/Service Statuses.




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