Group Management Tool


Group Management Tool & Self-Service Portal is located here:

You must be on campus or using resources such as an Access point or VPN to login using your StarID

  • Please give the tool some time to load after logging in
  • NOTE: It may take up to 2 to 4 hours for the shared mailbox to show up on your the web after adding it to the group management list. 


How do I add members to a shared mailbox I am an owner of or department files I am in charge of?


To modify members of your group (add or remove users):

  1. Click 'My AD Groups' under Self-Service
  2. Use Search box to find group
  • You must Click 'Search' to see all groups or none of your groups will show up. You can leave the field blank to search for all groups.
  • If you want to narrow down your list and only search for one account
  • Enter search term (group name) then click 'Search' to filter.  (This search takes a long time)
  1. Click check mark by the left of the name of the Group you want to select (as shown on Step 1 below)
  2. Under 'Actions' column on right, Click 'Membership' (as shown in Step 2 above)
  3. To add a user:
  • In the Find field ( as shown on Step 1 below) 
  • You can enter any of the following:
  • StarID, email address, supplemental account or name.
  • Click 'Add
  • If multiple matches, click 'check mark' next to user.
  • Click 'Select'.
  • Click 'Update' (as shown in Step 3 below)
  1. To remove a user:
  • Click 'check mark' next to user to select them ( as shown on step 1 below)
  • Click 'Remove' members button ( as shown on step 2 below)
  • Click 'Update'. ( as shown on step 3 below)


When you add someone to a mailbox:

Please give the system 24 hours to auto map in the Outlook application. If they still do not see the shared mailbox in your outlook, please contact HuskyTech. 

If you get a message that says 'Connection is not secure' the first time you try to log in, follow the steps below: 

  1. Click 'Advanced'.
  2. Click 'Add Exception'.
  3. Click 'Confirm Security Exception'.
  4. Click 'Resend'.





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