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Shared Mailbox

Mailbox setup, how to send on behalf of mailbox

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Change Default Institution and Email Address to

How to change your Default Institution and/or Email Address

Changing O365 Primary Email

How to set your primary email for the global address book if you have had a name change or want a different format to your email address.

Email Address format

SCSU email format

Email Sending Limits for SCSU Office 365 Accounts

Email Sending Limits for SCSU Office 365 Accounts including distribution lists

How to Update your Last Name in your Email if it's Changed

How to update your email to match your new last name

Email Blocked from Other Countries

What to do if your email has been blocked and you're outside the United States

Email Locked Out

What to do if locked out of your email

Export Addresses from the Junk Email Filter Lists in Windows

How to export addresses from your junk email filter

How to Access your X Drive

Help with accessing your personal file space

How to Locate your Email Address

How to check your SCSU email address

How to Request Access to AdminFiles and/or DeptFiles for new hires

How to request access to Admin or Department Files for new hires

Secondary Mailboxes in Global Address List (GAL)

What to do if I have two emails showing up in the GAL and users are using the wrong one

Setting Up an Account on iOS Mail

How to setup email on iOS Mail application

Setting up an email account on Android Mail

How to setup Email on Android Mail

Student Employee Email Accounts

What is the purpose of Student Employee emails?

Setting Up SCSU Email on Kindle Fire

How to setup SCSU email for Kindle Fire

Subscribing to SCSU Announce & Discuss Mailing Lists

How to subscribe to Announce and mailing lists