Mailbox setup, how to send on behalf of mailbox

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Pinned Article How to request a Shared Mailbox

Request a shared mailbox (SCSU email account that can be used by multiple people).

Pinned Article How to share a mailbox/dept files for a department or organization

How to add and remove users from a shared mailbox account using the group management tool (Cayosoft). This can also be used for department files.

Pinned Article Open a Shared Mailbox or Calendar

How to open a Shared Mailbox or Calendar on Outlook for Windows, Apple, or on the Web.
Sending on behalf of mailbox

Changing a Shared Mailbox Email Display Name

How to change your shared mailbox display name

Secondary Mailboxes in Global Address List (GAL)

What to do if I have two emails showing up in the GAL and users are using the wrong one

Shared Mailbox vs Supplemental Account

Differences between Shared Mailboxes and Supplemental Accounts