Missing Network Drives


How can I connect to network folders/drives using my state-owned Windows computer? 

**If you are using an Apple computer-  you can go into SCSU Self Service and (in "Weblinks and Services") push the button for either Admin Files or Dept Files to connect to those. 


If you already have access to a network folder, but you are missing a shortcut or mapped letter drive, you can use these steps to get the shortcut created again. 


Option 1: Sign out of the computer, then sign back into the computer. 


Option 2: 

  • On a state-owned Windows computer, click on the start menu
  • Type \\dc2\netlogon then hit Enter.
  • You should see the file scsulogin. Please double-click on this file. 
  • Click Open when asked to Open or Save     
  • Click Run   



If you are still experiencing issues 5 minutes after going through these steps, please contact HuskyTech at 308-7000.

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