Change Default Institution and Email Address to



  • If your primary email is already set to the following, you don't have to change anything
    • Employees/Emeriti:
    • Student:
  • Only one email address can be selected as a primary email address. This is the email that will show as your FROM: address.
  • All email addresses assigned to you at any other MinnState institutions (that have migrated to the MinnState Office 365 Shared Tenant) are assigned to this email account, so this inbox will accept any email sent to all of these addresses. However, your FROM: address will have to be selected as directed in steps 1 through 5 below and this will be the default on all email that you send.



Changing Default FROM: address in Office 365 (SCSU Mail)


  1. Go to
  2. Select 'Sign into Profile'.
  3. Sign in with your StarID and StarID password.
  4. Select 'Office 365' Contact and then select Contact Card


Note: If your contact primary email is already set to the following:



You don't have to change anything; STOP here. 

If the primary email is set to something different, continue with the step #5.

  1. Select a new primary email. The primary email selected also determines the default institution. 


If you do select a new primary email, wait one hour before restoring your Outlook application ( step #3 on post-transition checklist). During this time you can access your email through


If you are an Employee:

  • Click on 'Select New Employee Contact Card' and select your SCSU email address:

If you are a Student: 

  • Click on 'Select New Student Contact Card' and select your SCSU email address:


NOTE: If you change your primary email, you will need to resubscribe to SCSU-Announce/ SCSU-Discuss.





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