How to Access your X Drive



How do I access my personal file space (X: drive)?



The X Drive serves as a network location for all of your personal files. (Students, Faculty & Staff all have access to a personal X Drive)

Your X Drive can be accessed by:

  1. ​​​​​​​Logging in to your account at File/ Web Space at using your starID and password. 
  2. On your state-owned device in 'Windows File Explorer', below your local C: Drive.
    • In order to have your X Drive mapped to your state-owned device, you must be logged in through either:
      • Direct Access (DA)
      • or VPN connection

If you are on a state-owned device and you don't see your X Drive in the list of mapped drives, logging out and/or restarting your computer will usually resolve this issue.



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