How to Access Department (Dept.) Files



How do I access my Department (Dept.) Files?



'Dept. Files' serves as a network location for academic course files for Faculty & Staff, among other things. 

Your Dept. Files can be accessed in one of two ways

  1. MyHuskyNet through the web interface, by logging in with your StarID and corresponding password and then clicking the File/Web Space button in the services navigation pane.
    • This can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.
  2. On your state-owned device in 'Windows File Explorer', below your local C: Drive.
    • In order to have your Dept. Files mapped to your state-owned device, you must be logged in through either:
      1. Direct Access (DA)
      2. or VPN connection

If you are on a state-owned device and you don't see your Dept. Files in the list of mapped drives, logging out and restarting your computer will usually resolve this issue.