How to map network folders on Deptfiles or AdminFiles - Mac computer


How to map a shortcut to department network folders (DeptFiles or AdminFiles) on a Mac


  • Select Finder
  • Click Go. It's in the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • Click Connect to Server. It's at the bottom of the menu that drops down when you click "Go".
    • For DeptFiles the server address is
      • smb://
    • For AdminFiles the server address is:
      • smb://
    • You may choose to be more specific and select your department name at the end.
      • Example: smb://
  • Click Connect.
  • Remove your local account information and enter your StarID and password when prompted
  • To open the folder you are trying to access, click on the name of the server in a new Finder window.


Create a shortcut in the Dock (optional)

  • From the Connect to Server dialog box, copy the path to the network folder on the DeptFles or AdminFiles server.
  • Create a shortcut on the Dock to the folder. Example:  smb://


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