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Campus Card

It's your access to the University Library, recreational facilities, and Huskies games. It's the way to pay for everything you need on campus. It's the Campus Card, and when you've got it you've got your passport to life at St. Cloud State University.

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Account help

Who to contact for account help

Campus Cash Features

Campus cash features and refund policy
Every student has a Campus Cash account. Campus Cash can be used for anything, including buying food, paying tuition, printing, purchasing concert and theatre tickets, and more.

How to map network folders on Deptfiles or AdminFiles - Mac computer

How to map a shortcut to department files or admin files on a Mac computer

What happens to your email when you leave SCSU

What happens to an employee's email after they leave SCSU?

Confidential, Protected Private or Public data

What Minnstate considers Confidential, Protected Private or Public data

How to Access Department (Dept.) Files

How to access your Dept. files

TechID (also known as Employee ID, or Student ID)

What is the purpose of the TechID?

What is my SCSU TechID

What is the TechID and is the same as a StarID?

What is my State Employee Number

What is a State Employee Number?

Work Authorizations (for Student Supervisors)

How to enter work authorizations for student employees