What is my State Employee Number


What is my state employee number?


Your state employee number is an eight-digit number that identifies your record in the State of Minnesota payroll system called SEMA4. Your state employee number is often referred to as a SEMA4 ID because it is associated with the SEMA4 system. Human Resources can provide you the SEMA4 number associated with your employee record in SEMA4.


To log into the State Portal: https://hub.selfservice.systems.state.mn.us/psp/hubss/SELFSERVICE/?cmd=login&languageCd=ENG&


  • USERID= your SEMA4 ID number provided by HR
    • This is NOT your techID or your starID, this is a specific number from HR.
  • Password= is something you set for this site. These do expire every 90 days for security purposes. This is NOT your StarID password!



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