Secondary Mailboxes in Global Address List (GAL)



What can I do about secondary email addresses that are showing up in the Global Address List?



We cannot hide or remove email addresses from the global address list (GAL). The global address list is managed by the Minnesota State system office.




Some people have more than one email address in the GAL because they are both a student and an employee within the Minnesota State system. This includes student workers and graduate students. 

If you notice that more than one email address displayed in the Global Address List (GAL) and you would like to avoid getting email messages sent to your secondary mailbox, there are a couple of options to help aid in routing the email messages to your preferred mailbox. 

The two options below can be used individually, or you can utilize both options on the mailbox that you do not check as frequently. (This can be done from your web browser after logging in to or you can do this from the Outlook Desktop App on Mac and Windows)

  1. Out-Of-Office Automatic Reply
  1. Forward all emails to another account




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