Student Employee Email Accounts


Questions about Student Employee Email Accounts


Why do Student Employees need Email Accounts? 


The main reason for having a general student email account and a student employee email account is to provide a separation of roles.  The student employee accounts are created automatically when the students are entered into the payroll system (work authorization entered in ISRS by the Supervisor).

For example, if we have a student employee or an employee taking classes and we need to suspend their employee email account for some reason, we need to be able to do that without affecting their academics. Student employee accounts will remain active as long as there are current dates in the payroll system. Once the affiliation (authorization) ends, access to their employee account is disabled the next day until the supervisor enters authorization again.

If a student employee is not to be paid during this time, you would still enter a work authorization. The graduate assistant (GA) or student employee would not submit their hours in eServices, but in order to retain email access the work authorization must be entered. 

Student employee/GA accounts have access to Shared Mailboxes if they have been shared by their supervisor. The only way to access these mailboxes is using the work account unless the shared mailbox is set up as a Student First account. 




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