Request Supplemental Account


  • Departments, centers, programs, and student organizations can request a supplemental account for access to file/web space, D2L Brightspace, wireless network, library proxy, MNPALS, and more.
  • Student organization accounts need to be requested and managed by their faculty/staff advisor.
  • Faculty/staff are responsible for the activity that occurs under the supplemental accounts assigned to them.
  • If email is needed, please request a shared mailbox.
  • Please allow two business days for processing. 
  • This account will be granted wireless Internet access, library proxy, & more at St. Cloud State.
  • Optionally, you can also get file space specifically for this account. 


  • Log into the Supplemental Account Maintenance application.
  • Click Request New Account button
  • The requester of the account will get an email when the supplemental account has been created.  
  • Please note the suggested account name can not contain spaces.
  • The suggested account name is the login name to the computer. If email is needed this is also the email address.
  • Limited to 15 characters
  • Add a checkmark to confirm that you read this statement box.
  • Click submit when complete.



  • Access to department files, web space, D2L Brightspace, wireless network, library proxy, MNPALS, department printers, etc.



  • Available to faculty and staff
  • Remote/Off-campus access: Users must be connected through Direct Access (Windows) or VPN (Mac) to use this application from off-campus. 

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