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Services or Offerings?
Request a supplemental account (includes department files space and Wi-Fi capabilities that can be used by multiple people).

Request a shared mailbox (SCSU email account that can be used by multiple people).

Order technology for personal use through HuskyTech's online store (

Initiate a request to purchase technology hardware (e.g. computers, monitors) or technology accessories (e.g. wireless headset or microphone) using University funds.

Former Employees, New Employees, Customers who do not have a StarID, or Customers who cannot sign into services using their StarID, can use this form to request information.

Request information about leave, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and/or the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and other accommodations

Request assistance with verifying employment for a current or former St. Cloud State University employee.

Request a new project, custom business application, LEAN facilitation, or other large initiative requiring IT coordination. IT project requests are collaboratively and strategically prioritized with campus constituents, especially academic and administrative leadership, to ensure we best meet the needs of our campus community. Approved project requests will be managed by an IT project manager and will include the steps required to effectively complete the project, including but not limited to: Project consultation, business analysis, architecture and security review, project management coordination, communications and more.

Request a change or enhancement to an existing business application or service.

Request information about bargaining units/unions, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), work shifts, scheduling and overtime.

Request new wired network port or request for a network port to be moved to a different area in the office.

All work-related injuries must be reported to the employee's supervisor or by contacting Human Resources at 320-308-3203 within 24 hours of the date/time of the injury, at which time the supervisor, along with the injured employee, will need to complete the Incident/Injury/Illness Data Form (IDF) and the Supplemental Details Form.

If the injury is critical, call 911 (9-911 from campus phones).

If the injury is life-threatening or fatal, Human Resources must be notified immediately. If you cannot reach a Human Resources representative, contact Public Safety at 320-308-3333 immediately.

Request information about tuition waivers.

Request assistance with payroll issues (e.g. missing paycheck).

Request information about or assistance with personnel management.