Supplemental Account PW Change


How to change a supplemental account password



Changing a password before it expires

  • Go to the technology section on St. Cloud State's Website.
  • On the left side of the page, under "My Account," click "Supplemental Accounts." On the subsequent page, click on the "login to supplemental account maintenance."

(Alternative link: Supplemental Account Login)

  • The "password change" link on the maintenance page allows users who are not the owner of the supplemental account to change their password, provided that the password has not yet expired. (Alternative link: Supplemental Account Password Change)

Change password after the account is disabled

If the account's password has expired, only the owner of the supplemental account will be able to reset their password. Information about the owner of a supplemental account can be found on toolkit, and is not confidential information, so can be given out over the phone.

The owner of the account should log on to supplemental account maintenance with their Star ID and password.

  • They will then see a list of supplemental accounts in their name, and can reset the account's password. (Alternative link:Supplemental Account Login)


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