StarID Activation with No SSN



How to activate your starID without a Social Security Number




For example, you have a StarID waiting for you, but because you do not have a Social Security Number on file with the school, you cannot use the Tech ID or Library Card Barcode activation methods.

An alternate method is to generate a Verification Code to activate your StarID.

1. Start from StarID Homepage
2. Select Activate StarID link
3. Select I know my Email Address option
4. Then enter your personal email address on the page, click the Continue button. (If you have issues with this, please contact HuskyTech)
5. A verification code will be sent your email address. The code will expire in 1 hour. 
6. Immediately check your email. Copy/write down the verification code, as you will need it shortly. (Be careful not to copy the white space before or after the code.)
7. Carefully enter the Verification Code and your email address
8. Click the Continue button
9. On the next screen enter a new password and confirm it
10. Read the Acknowledgment of Data Stewardship Responsibilities paragraph (check box required)
11. Click the Activate StarID button
12.  Please remember what you created for a password, you will need it every time you sign in with your StarID.  StarIDs are being used for many logins on campus.  It is your responsibility to remember it and keep it safe.




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For account management related to your StarID, including StarID activation and password changes, please visit Minnesota State's StarID website If you are unable to sign into the StarID portal, contact the Minnesota State IT Service Desk at (877) 466-6728 or to generate a validation code for you to get you back into your account. You can also contact HuskyTech at