StarID Password is Not Working for Office 365



If you have a special character at the end of your password this may conflict with O365 login. Please do a password reset, you can put the special character in the middle.

If a StarID account was disabled due to the password expiring, then you will need to change the password so the account is enabled again. If you change your password and you still cannot sign into the Office 365 site, then you need to wait for the servers to sync. The servers are scheduled to synchronize these passwords every hour.




One method that may speed the process

  1. Log into the computer.
  2. Go to the StarID page. Reset password.
  3. Open Office365 site.
  4. Sign in using new password. If it doesn't work, then wait before logging out of the computer.



Additional note: ensure that any password that is stored in Windows Credential Manager or MAC keychain is a current password. If not, delete the file and let it be created again if it is needed.




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