Changing your Password in Outlook Email Client After You Have Reset your StarID Password



If you have just reset your StarID password and now your Outlook Client isn't syncing your emails via Office 365, please follow the instructions below.


Before you proceed to the steps below you can always try this

  1. Delete Outlook from your phone
  2. Re-install Outlook from your app store
  3. Add a new email account of Office 365
  4. Type in your email and StarID password 
    1. Fac/Staff format-
    2. Student format-


OR you can do the following steps below

  1. Open Outlook app
  2. Tap on the three bars in the upper left corner to access the application options menu. 
  3. Select the Settings / Gear Icon
  4. Tap your account you need to edit
  5. Tap Delete Account from My iPhone (or iPad)

You can also try setting up a new Outlook profile: Setting Up an Email on Outlook Application for Windows





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