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Pinned Article Using the new Poly Zoom room in the classroom

How to use the Poly Zoom rooms and settings within the poly.

Autodesk: How to Borrow a License

How to borrow a Autodesk license

Create Website using File Web Space

How to create a website from FileWebspace


Request electronic signatures, securely, through DocuSign.

Guide to Using NVivo

How to access NVivo

MiniTab Information

How to log into and download Minitab

Perceptive Content/ImageNow known issues and fixes

Perceptive Content/ImageNow known issues and fixes

Personal Software Downloads

Personal Software Download information

TeamQ Error message: "ExecuteScalar requires an open and available Connection"

Error message when your computer goes to sleep or the hard drive shuts down while TeamQ is open.

Wireless network issues while on campus; specific to HP EliteBook model laptops

Specific HP EliteBook laptops are experiencing issues with network stability while working on campus. A driver update is needed to resolve the issue.

Cable TV in Residence Halls

Learn about Cable TV in Residence Halls

Creating a Kahoot! Account

Follow these directions to use your Minnesota State StarID account ( to sign up with Kahoot!.

Digital Signage

Information on digital signage

Guide to Using Kahoot!

Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform with multiple use cases. Using Kahoot! can increate student engagement. Kahoot! should be used with some caution taking care to not use the platform for academic assessment.

How do I sign into Cascade

Trouble signing into Cascade

How to Disable Notifications while Presenting (Windows & Mac)

How to disable device notifications while presenting

How to set up an Airtame Session

How to set up and use Airtame and how to connect to Airtame via Eduroam

How to Use MOVEit Transfer

How to use the MOVEit Transfer Software

Logging into ISRS (Uniface)

How to log into ISRS (Uniface)

Navigate (EAB) Outlook Calendar Re-sync

How to re-sync your Outlook calendar in Navigate (EAB)

SciFinder Not Working on Mac

Troubleshoot SciFinder on Mac Computers

Save Zoom Recordings to Minnesota State's MediaSpace

How to save Zoom Recordings to the MinnState Medispace

Upload files to Minnesota State’s Kaltura MediaSpace

How to upload files to Kaltura MediaSpace