Minnesota State System Office has opened its system-wide license for DocuSign to all campuses to utilize, which makes it easier to require signatures and documents between all Minnstate members.  Although there may be a charge for this service in the future, the System Office is not charging campuses at this time. These forms can be sent for signatures to St. Cloud State students, faculty, staff, or non-campus users.

Templates can also be saved and shared with other St. Cloud State users with the appropriate access.

DocuSign collects legally binding electronic signatures on departmental and outside-agency forms. You only need DocuSign if legal compliance is required. Examples would include any state or federal government forms that require signatures. An example of a less formal authorization is when an email approval is acceptable rather than requiring a signature.


For employees who need to be able to create and send forms, you will need to request the appropriate access to DocuSign. To do so, complete the following process within the Employee Home Dashboard:

  • Log into the Employee Home Dashboard
  • Under Employee Applications, click on Security Administration
  • Under Dashboard on the left, click on Web
  • Click on My Web Roles, to expand that section
  • Click on Add Web Role
  • In the Role, Permission, or Report Name/Number field, enter DocuSign
  • Click Search
  • Check the box for DocuSign_Viewer
  • Click Add checked Web Roles

Once this is complete, we will need to approve your request. And once approved, DocuSign will show up on your Employee Home Dashboard, under Administrative Applications for you to log into.




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