Autodesk: How to Borrow a License



Learn how to take a network product license off the network for a specified time period aka "borrowing a license". This option is not available in all Autodesk products.


Note: Software must be installed prior to going onto this step. 

A borrowed license is tied to the MAC address of the network adapter that was in use when the license was initially borrowed. If your laptop is connected to a docking station, and you will not be using that docking station after borrowing the license, undock the laptop first and then reconnect to the network to borrow the license.

  1. Launch the Borrow a License window in one of the following ways: 
    • Click Tools menu > License Borrowing > Borrow License. 
    • Click Help > About > Product Information or Product License Information. 
    • Enter the BORROWLICENSE command.
  2. In the Borrow a License window, on the calendar, click the date when you want to return the license. This date must be within the valid date range set by your network administrator. The valid date range is displayed in this window. 

  3. Click Borrow License
  4. In the License Borrowed message, click Close. The license is borrowed, and you can now use your Autodesk product with your computer disconnected from the network. 

Note: In some products, you can verify that your license is borrowed by placing your cursor over the Borrowing icon in the status tray, which is in the lower-right corner of your Autodesk product. 

A borrowed license is configured for use by a specific user on a specific computer and network card. When using a borrowed license, ensure that you do not change your login user name, and that your network card remains active. Some laptop computers disable the network card in power save mode, so you may need to change this setting to retain access to the Autodesk product. 

Checking the License Expiration Date:

Access to this command varies by product, and includes one or more of the following options: 

  • In the status tray, right-click the License Borrowing icon.

  • Click Help menu > About > Product Information or Product License Information. In the Product License Information dialog box, see the License Expiration Date.

Information above is from the Autodesk site 



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