Wireless network issues while on campus; specific to HP EliteBook model laptops


Some HP laptops are experiencing issues with the wireless network on campus. Symptoms include Wi-Fi connectivity loss, including freezing or disconnection from Zoom meetings. 


This issue can be resolved by updating the wireless driver. This should be completed by installing the software via Software Center. 

  • Open Software Center
  • Search for the software with a name that begins with "Intel Wireless
    • Example: “HP EliteBook 830 840 850 G7 & G8 Intel Wireless LAN Adapter Driver”
  • If your computer is eligible for the update, the search result will show the update. 
    • If you see the update, click on the software title, then select “Install”.
    • If you do not see the update, it is likely that we do not have software available for your model laptop. Please contact your campus technician if you are experiencing an issue with your computer.

Additional Information

Please contact your primary technician or call 87000 for assistance with this update. If you prefer that ITS installs this update, please call us at 87000 and someone can walk you through the install remotely, or we will schedule a technician to visit your office.





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