Save Zoom Recordings to Minnesota State's MediaSpace


1. Log into Zoom and host a meeting.

2. Click on the Record icon on the toolbar and choose “Record to the Cloud.”

3. Click Pause/Stop Recording and choose yes when you are prompted to stop the cloud recording.

4. End the meeting.


It may take a short time for the video to be ready for use in Minnesota State’s MediaSpace. You should receive an email from “Kaltura Automated Response” letting you know your video is ready for publishing.

To access your video, login to Minnesota State’s MediaSpace and look for the video under My Media.

If you're using the recording in a D2L Brightspace course:

You can easily insert the recording in an announcement, discussion or content using Insert Stuff.

To begin, create a new announcement, content file or discussion thread and:

  1. Click Insert Stuff: (first button on the toolbar)
  2. Click My Media:
  3. Find the correct video by scrolling through the presented list, or searching by title
  4. Use the dropdown arrow next to select to choose medium 
    1. Medium is appropriate for most videos, as there’s a button which allows the user to make it full screen.
  5. Click insert.
  6. Click save and close.