Hyflex Classroom Space Usage - Zoom-Capable Classrooms



This is a basic guide to illustrate the Zoom capable classroom.  Campus classrooms have been equipped with a document camera and departments/faculty will be given a wireless microphone to use in the classroom.




Please see Media spaces website at https://mediaspace.minnstate.edu/playlist/dedicated/0_8llg8nni/  for a Video Guide.


document camera wireless mic

* If possible, arrive 10-15 minutes early to the classroom to login to the computer station, sync the mic, and test the audio and camera. 


  • Prior to class start: 
    • Login to the desktop computer with your StarID and password
    • Start the Crestron projector (touch to begin)
    • Launch Chrome (you may need to search for Chrome if it is not pinned to the task bar)
    • Go to Zooms website at  https://minnstate.zoom.us/
    • zoom sign-in screen
    • Sign in to Zoom – this will authenticate you as the host of your class session.
    • meeting menu
    • Under Host A Meeting –
      • you will see options for: 
        • video on- Choose this option
        • video off
        • screen sharing only
    • If you have already scheduled your class sessions, you will see them listed, and you can choose to Start your class session:
      • starting a meeting
    • Zoom is not installed on the computer desktop.
    • You will be prompted to download and run Zoom (executable file). Next, you will be prompted to open the Zoom Meeting:
      • zoom meeting pop-up
    • The Zoom session will open. The document camera is on.
    • Now, you will want to sync the microphone to the Base station (Channel 1)
    • wireless mic base      wireless mic
  • Syncing the wireless microphone:
    • The process works best if the microphone is turned off.
    • Hold the button on the mic for 10 seconds until the light turns solid red (ignore all the red/green flashing). Count to 10 – the mic is now turned off.
    • Next, hold the button for Channel 1 on the Base station for 7 seconds- Count to 7.  Channel 1 button will turn red (Channel 2 is not connected)
    • Push the button on the mic again for 7 seconds- count to 7. Mic will turn to flashing red (mic is now ready but it is muted)
    • When ready to speak, click the mic button once to unmute.
    • **Syncing the mic will take the most time. If it does not work on the first try, do the steps again.


  • Test Audio and Speakers:
    • Click on the Microphone Icon to test the audio and speakers.
      • microphone icon - zoom menu bar
    • You may need to Select a Mic- Select USB PnP Sound Device
      • select correct microphone
    • If you are using the document camera microphone – choose this option:
      • selecting the document camera microphone
    • You may need to Select the Speaker
      • select the speaker
    • If you are using the document camera to show course materials/lecture notes:  In settings, you may need to deselect the Mirror image option. 
      • document cam image
    • If you are using the document camera to show the students in the classroom:
      • use doc cam to show students in the classroom
    • If you are using the document camera to show the classroom white board, it is suggested to use a blue marker (instead of other colors such as black or green) for better visibility. 
      • showing the classroom whiteboard
    • If you are sharing your screen in Zoom:
      • share screen via zoom





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