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Code of Conduct Training for Student Workers

How to enroll Student Workers in the Code of Conduct training

Course Email Lists

Information on how to send email to an entire course/classlist, and why this is replacing the old course email listserv.

Free Online Tutoring & Academic Support for Students

How to accessTutor.com which is a free online tutoring and academic support tool that allows all St. Cloud State students to access an extensive list of online tutoring

How do I Email all Students at once in a D2L Brightspace Course

How to email all students from a course in one go

How to log into CECT D2L

How to log into courses taught through the Center for Continuing Studies.

Embedding Mediaspace Video into D2L Brightspace

How to embed SCSU Mediaspace videos into D2L

How to Edit a Quiz in D2L

How to edit Quizzes in D2L

How to Enable Respondus Monitor for a Quiz

How to setup Respondus Monitor for Quizzes

How to Find your D2L Classes

Finding, pinning and accessing your D2L courses

How to log into the D2L Support site within Office 365/SharePoint

Help logging into the Sharepoint D2L support site

How to Prepare to Offer Classes in the Event of a Closure

How to prepare for restructuring courses in the event of closure

How to Set Up Respondus LockDown Browser

How to setup Respondus Lockdown Browser

Hyflex Classroom Space Usage - Zoom-Capable Classrooms

Basic guide to setting up a Zoom capable classroom

Logging into TK20

How to access TK20

Manually Enroll a Student into D2L

How to add a student into your D2L classlist

Roles and Permissions for D2L Brightspace

Descriptions for the various D2L Brightspace roles