How to Create Collaborative Documents Using Microsoft 365


This document explains how to create and collaborate on shared documents using Microsoft 365 tools, specifically Microsoft Teams and Microsoft OneDrive. It provides instructions for installing Teams, logging in, creating a team / group, and exchanging files in chat messaging.  

Create Collaborative Document on Teams and OneDrive  

1. Microsoft Teams 

  • Install Teams: The Teams application is available for download in Software Center/SCSU Self-Service on University-owned devices. 

  • Log in to Teams: Use your Office365 login: (employees) or (students) 

  • Creating a Team: Teams must be created using either the native Microsoft Teams desktop application or through the Teams app in the Office 365 online portal.  

    Collaborate using Teams: 

    In CHAT messaging, you can exchange files in two ways:  

  • Send the actual file. 

  • Send a file link. 

How to share a file in an individual or group chat: 

  • Under the text box where you compose your message, click Attach. Then, depending on where the file is located, choose OneDrive or Upload from my PC. 

  • Choose Share or Open after selecting the file. 

  • With this, a copy of your original file will be uploaded OR you can upload a file by selecting Share under the Files menu. copy or upload in one drive

How to share a file with your group in a Teams channel: 

  • In the channel where you type your message, click the Attach box. 
  • Depending on where the file is saved, choose Attach cloud files (from My files or Recent) or Upload from this device and then choose Upload a copy or Open. 
  • options for attaching file in onedrive

    Tip: You can drag the file you wish to share to the message if it is present in your computer's file directory. 

2. Microsoft OneDrive 

  • Login to Microsoft 365 with your star ID password. 

  • Login for Employees/Emeriti/Student workers:  

  • Login for Students:   

  • Choose OneDrive in the Office Online app launcher. 

icon microsoft appsicon of microsoft one drive


  • In OneDrive, click on New and select the specific type of document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) you want to work on collaboratively with a team.  


one drive new button

  • Open Document, Select File. 
  • Select the location where you want to place this document. 
  • Enter a descriptive name for the file and select Save. 

Collaborate Using OneDrive 


  • Choose a file or folder you want to share with others for collaborative work. 

  • Choose Share to send an email or select Copy Link. 

share button in one drive

  • You can collaborate simultaneously on a file that has been shared from OneDrive. 
  • In the Share window, you may view information about each co-author, as well as who is currently editing the document. You will see their work as it is being completed if they are also using Word for the web or Word 2016 and they have authorized automatic sharing of changes. The colored flags will identify the individuals editing the document. 

share screen in document

share settings page in document

Collaborative Editing in OneDrive

  • Once you have shared your document, you can collaborate on it simultaneously with others. 

  • For an optimal experience, use WORD (Apple users need to convert PAGES into a WORD document) for the web to work together and view real-time changes. 

  • By accessing the "Share" option, you can see the names of the individuals who are also editing the file. 

  • Colored flags are displayed to indicate the exact locations where each person is working within the document. 

  • Track and review changes by enabling the track changes feature.


track changes in review tab in Word navigation bar with accept and reject circled with a box

​​​​​​​To review the changes made in the document, place the cursor before a specific change and choose one of the following options: 

  • "Accept" to retain and incorporate the change into the document. 

  • "Reject" to remove and disregard the change. 

Note: When collaborating in Office 2010, Office for Mac 2011, or later versions, multiple people can work on a document simultaneously. As you edit the file, Office will notify you if others are also making changes. However, it is important to note a couple of considerations: 

  • Automatic Saving: In Microsoft 365, changes made by everyone are automatically saved. Therefore, the Undo and Redo commands might not function as expected. It is essential to be cautious while making edits and ensure accuracy since changes cannot be easily reversed. 

  • Excel Sorting and Filtering: In Excel, modifying the sort order or applying filters to data will affect the view of all collaborators editing the workbook. It is important to exercise caution and communicate with others before making changes that may impact their work. 

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